How to tell if your child needs occupational therapy?

How to tell if your child needs occupational therapy?

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Eastside OT 4 kids has helped various children in performing their daily activities. Mrs. Anastasia Antonenko, a pediatric occupational therapist from upper east side NYC, uses latest tools and techniques while applying this therapy.

Various parents ask us how to identify if the child needs OT. Here are some signs to help you detect the need for this therapy.

If your child prefers playing a similar game and tries to avoid new activities that involve motor skills. Due to issues with motor skills, the child also faces issues when using scissors or while writing. In case you notice severe reactions to common situations like teeth brushing, haircuts, and loud noises, then also OT support is required.

Some kids also find it difficult to play with toys appropriately, while others have handwriting issues. There are special handwriting tutors, like Mrs. Anastasia, who help children making letters through their unique methods.

Other common symptoms include tantrums, anxiety, and worry. Various find it difficult to separate from their caregivers.

In case you observe these symptoms, connect with Mrs. Anastasia. Before offering therapy, she suggests evaluation services.

This 1.5-2 hour long initial evaluation is done with latest assessment tools. The parents and the OT come to know the reason behind developmental delays. Mrs. Anastasia offers a follow-up and written summary. This summary contains areas of concern, along with a plan of care.

You need to pay 500 dollars for this evaluation services. To learn more about the OT services offered by this therapist, visit this link.

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