Get You Pediatric Occupational Therapy at Home by Eastside ot4kids

Get You Pediatric Occupational Therapy at Home by Eastside ot4kids

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Eastside ot4kids offers home-based pediatric occupational therapy for kids with developmental disability. Anastasia Antonenko, an experienced pediatric New York State registered and licensed home-based pediatric occupational therapist can help your kids lead a normal and improved life.

Have you noticed your child having a hard time maintain a decent handwriting and having troubles with activities that other children of his age group perform well? Occupational therapy can greatly improve your child’s condition. While studying your child and understanding their situation, Anastasia can also become your child’s handwriting tutor.

Occupational therapy is a treatment method that helps people with physical, sensory and cognitive disabilities. The treatment involves understanding what factors could be responsible for the condition of the child and formulate methods to counter the condition.

An occupational therapy can greatly improve a child’s life and help fine-tune their motor skills. A private home-based occupational therapy is aimed at giving the child a sense of safety and freedom while the treatment methods are carried out.

While Anastasia specializes in many areas, she is also a great handwriting therapist.

You can contact Eastside ot4kids by visiting our website and filling up the form or click on the “Get a phone call” button and provide your name and phone number to book a consultation. We will call you up and fix up a meeting to discuss ways to assist your child.

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