Difference between occupational therapy and physical therapy

Difference between occupational therapy and physical therapy

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Unlike the popular belief, occupational therapy (OT) and physical therapy are completely different things. The very basic difference is that the focus of OT is to improve the ability of a patient to perform major activities of daily life. Conversely, physical therapy is all about helping the patients perform movements of the body.

An occupational therapist focuses on the treatment of the whole body. The persons who use this support are typically recovering from injuries. Some of them have cognitive or developmental disabilities, which affects emotions, behavior, or motor skills. An OT can also help your child improve the handwriting if the issue is related to autism or a related disorder.

A physical therapist will emphasize only on actual impairment. The treatment offered is biomechanical in nature. The goal is to align joints and bones, reduce pain, and enhance mobility.

Is there any similarity?

There are some similarities, too. Both of these therapists educate individuals on preventing or avoiding injuries. They also advise the patients about the healing process. And yeah, both are experts in their respective field.

We hope you were able to understand both the differences and the similarities between these professions. If you are seeking a home-based occupational therapist in Upper East Side NYC, you can get the support of Anastasia Antonenko. She is a registered OT who uses latest tools to evaluate the development issues in child and offers treatment accordingly.

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