Case Example

Anthony is a sweet 3.7 years old boy, whose parents were seeking occupational therapy services secondary to concerns regarding his difficulty keeping up with his peers during classroom fine motor activities, trouble focusing in multi-sensory environment and difficulty maintaining upright sitting posture. Results of Occupational therapy evaluation revealed that Anthony had low muscle tone with decrease overall joint stability. He had poor strength in his trunk and upper extremities.

In addition, Anthony had delayed reflexes. In terms of fine-motor development, Anthony presented with low muscle tone in his hand and fingers, week pincer grasp and poor finger isolation, which contributed to difficulty using age appropriate utensils functionally. Moreover, Anthony presented with sensory processing issues. Sensory processing refers to how a child interprets information from the environment, how he processes the information, and how he responds to it. Anthony demonstrated sensory processing difficulty relating to somatosensory systems (proprioceptive, touch, and vestibular systems) related to body awareness, attention, motor planning/coordination, and trunk muscle activation. Occupational therapy sessions were geared towards normalizing sensory processing patterns, improving overall strength, trunk stability, and grasping skills. In addition, the family was provided with a home exercise program and a “sensory diet” to insure that Anthony continues his progress outside of direct therapy sessions.

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